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ScioLink is an online tool for administering exams and tests with remote supervision

We save up to 80 % of the time spent on exam administration

Organizing admission exams in person is a logistically demanding process. This process requires up to 1000 person-hours for an exam with 2 000 examinees. With ScioLink, you can reduce this time by up to 80%.

We arrange secure online tests for both the examiner and examinee

ScioLink makes it possible to uniquely identify the candidate and to closely scrutinize the testing process for any irregularities. All data is securely stored and processed according to strict personal data protection rules.

Offline mode ensures a smooth exam process

Internet outages are one of the most frequent causes of on-line exam disturbances and proctoring tools often evaluate them as undesirable behaviour. Our unique offline mode allows the exam to be completed without internet connection.

Human proctors decide about exam regularity

We never rely solely on artificial intelligence (AI). All data is subsequently processed by trained evaluators. If an exam is to be evaluated as irregular, it must be checked by at least two independent persons.

We make admissions more accessible

The accessibility of the admission process also affects the number of applications submitted to a given school and the quality of candidates. Not having to travel to the exam location saves candidates both time and money.

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Educational institutions


Professional organizations

Selection and admission processes

ScioLink is suitable for all types of educational institutions or professional organizations that want to broaden or improve their current student or candidate selection process.

High-stakes tests

High-stakes exams require 100% reliability and comparability. For any organization, ScioLink offers such solution.

Open-book testing

At times, institutions need to reliably configure tests and exams where identity check is required but monitoring is not necessary. ScioLink helps to organize these exams.


Safety of the examinees is important to us

What we stand against

Collection of biometric data

Emotion recognition

Full-format storage of personal IDs

Collection of internet history data

Unnecessary blockage of user's system

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Martin Drnek, Client Relationship Manager

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