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How did ScioLink come about?

Just like everyone, the 2020 pandemic took us completely by surprise

In 2020 the COVID epidemic affected Scio.cz just like everyone else. Up to then, our comparative exams were only taken using paper and pencil in classrooms throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It was immediately clear that it would be impossible to continue like this. We were faced with the decision to either defer exams, something complicated and fraught with the uncertainty of what would happen a month or so down the road, or to find a way to take tests on-line, which is the path we chose.

In 40 days we transformed our system of paper tests into a digital form

We consulted technical specifications with the Czech representatives of Microsoft. And quickly moved from our initial idea to develop our own software to seek for suppliers of proctoring solutions. Finally, found the Australian based company Janison with whom we launched our online testing and proctoring within a few days.

We facilitate fair and transparent exams so that on-line education is equally trusted.

We developed our own solution for high-stakes tests

At the end of the 2019/2020 school year, we found that many of the solutions on the market weren’t entirely satisfactory. So, in autumn 2020 we joined forces with a company specializing in AI technologies – BornDigital. We set up a partnership that allowed us to develop our own proctoring and testing application system for high-stakes tests. This system was already in use by students at Czech and Slovak universities in 2021.

We want to change how all exams are taken

But our ambitions don’t end there. We now have a system that is capable of serving both our needs and those of other educational institutions. We know that other institutions are also searching for a similar system. Our aim is to develop a universal system that can be used for any type of exam. We want to change how professional exams and certifications, language exams and exams that are part of HR processes are taken.


Who will you encounter?

At Sciolink, I’m responsible for things going smoothly on the client side. I sign contracts and make sure the customer is happy. I enjoy taking clients through the process of digitalizing their tests and facing their challenges. The main thing I appreciate about working at Scio is the flexibility.
We launched ScioLink with a vision to change how people take secure, on-line exams, and I love moving this vision forward and defining it in an ever more solid form. I am in charge of the development and business side of the entire project. And my goal is to ensure that our clients and users get 100 % service and that my colleagues working on the project have a sense of purpose.
The technology we developed for the ScioLink app is based on the latest AI models. Our goal is for technology to help people in real life and allow them to pursue meaningful activities. And that’s precisely what ScioLink means to us.
I’m responsible for developing ScioLink and its day-to-day operation. My role is to communicate our clients’ requirements to the development team, deliver innovative solutions, and ensure a technical solution the meets the needs of all ScioLink users.
At ScioLink, I manage the development team, for me ScioLink is mainly a technological challenge. We’re building our solution on cutting-edge technology using an approach that no other proctoring service has tried. I enjoy finding ways to make ScioLink better every day.

Andrej Kutaňa

Business Development

Martin Drnek

Project Lead

Tomáš Moravec

CEO Born Digital

Jáchym Vintr

Product Owner

Michal Petřík

Tech Lead

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Martin Drnek, Client Relationship Manager

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